Do We See our True Image in the Mirror?

by Alice Baker

Body Image is defined as an individual’s perceptions, feelings and attitudes toward his/her own body.

imgres-1Psalm 139:14 says, I am fearfully and wonderfully made–my soul knows it very well.  Apparently David recognizes the brilliance of his Creator and praises his works.  His perceptions of, feelings for and attitudes toward his body reflect this.

Do we?

As women, how often do we treat our bodies with contempt?  “If I just lost this belly fat” or “Look at my flabby arms.”  If this isn’t enough our culture supports this with messages of losing 10 pounds in 10 days.  Celebrities are either put on a pedestal for losing weight or put on the stand for gaining.  When asked, 80% of 10 year olds are fearful of getting fat.  Over 50% of females age’s 18-25 would rather be run over by a truck than gain weight.  We are fighting a culture obsessed with and driven towards thinness.

Yet as Christians we are called to be countercultural, swim against the tide.  What does this look like in the area of body image?  First, let us see what God says about our body:

You were made in His image (Genesis 1:27).

He knit you in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13).  God took His time in creating us. He labored over our design.

Your frame was not hidden from him (Psalm 139:15).

Your body is the temple of the sacred Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

It seems as if God is saying, “I gave you your unique DNA.  I have imprinted every cell of your body, and I call it beautiful.  Your body is wonderful, your frame is delightful, and your body is sacred.”  How might that shift our perspective?  How might we treat, talk to, see our bodies different in this light?  I believe as God’s chosen daughters, we are to live countercultural in this area of our lives.  When the world says nip/tuck, we say embrace/be kind to.  When the world says “you would be so pretty if you just lost…”  We say, “I choose to live the truth that the King is enthralled with my beauty right now regardless of my measurements.”

I am reminded of the famous missionary Amy Carmichael who prayed daily as a child for God to turn her brown eyes blue.  She was crushed He didn’t do so.  Then while entering her life’s calling and ministry to save children from the dangerous practices of the Hindu Temple, she realized her brown eyes were a powerful tool to draw the children to her.  Brown eyes were familiar to them, they felt safer.  God knew all along the plan He had for her, and her beautiful brown eyes were a part His detailed divine plan.

May we accept the beauty bestowed on us by our King.

Look to him and be radiant; and you will not be ashamed (Psalm 34.5).

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