Counselor Spotlight: Amy Shiver

by J. Michael Blackston, MA

We are excited Amy Shiver has joined our team of talented professionals. Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Amy to hear more about her heart for counseling.

Michael: Tell me about why you decided to enter the counseling profession.

Amy: I’ve always had a deep interest, care and concern in a person’s story. The questions I think about when I interact with someone are: Where do you come from? What happened along your journey? Where are you headed? I’ve entered this field because I feel my personality, strengths/gifts and desires are best used in building God’s kingdom as a counselor. It is my passion to journey with people and empathize, encourage, inform, and walk with them toward restoration and finding meaning and purpose.

M: What types of issues do you enjoy working with in the counseling room?

A: I am passionate about helping hurting people find hope. I enjoy working with men, women, and young people dealing with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. I have a special interest in walking with those going through life transitions. I also have a passion for helping adolescence and adults with social and behavioral struggles. I am just as interested in working with someone who has faith in Christ, as with those who do not. Regardless, I believe people are looking for the same core things: value, worth, significance and a place to connect and belong.

M: What was your graduate school experience like at Webster? What were some challenges?

A: I was fortunate that my graduate program consisted of a very diverse group of people with whom I learned from and grew with as a counselor. This offered a very rich experience and brought many perspectives that I otherwise would not have experienced. It was a time that challenged and solidified my personal values, beliefs, framework and confidence that God has called me into this special role. One highlight consisted of learning under professors that practiced in many different clinical and private settings across the globe. Another highlight included working with a special population of young adults diagnosed with Asperger’s with co-occurring disorders. I was privileged to be trained in various techniques to work with and teach individuals how to observe and better understand behavior and self awareness. My time at Webster exposed me to many different therapeutic tools and strategies to help people in this capacity. A challenge I experienced during my time in graduate school was sifting through all of the known theories, therapies and techniques, pulling out the truths and usefulness in each, and matching them with who I am and how I work best to meet the needs of each individual client.

M: What do you enjoy doing for fun?

A: I enjoy traveling with my husband, spending time with my kids, reading and learning new things, hanging out with our family, and watching and playing all types of sports.

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